André Gundersen

Co Founder

“LOCO will have the best variety for the conscious consumer. We won’t be control stock by who pays more, but what each customer needs.”

Kristine Rykkelid

Co Founder

“LOCO is a platform for anyone who cares about food and food production, but also who cares about the people and the stories behind the goods.”

Siri Fauske

Chief of Local treasures

“My dream is a world where we make room to reflect about the important things. LOCO is essential because it enables us to create a more sustainable future.”

Elin Gundersen

Co Founder

“Many people want to live plantbased but don’t have anywhere to shop. That’s why we’re creating a 100% plantbased food store chain.”

Erik Musum

Co Founder

“An important part of my life is to contribute to people and animals having better days and futures. Loco is going to be a gamechanger.”